Hi Folks! 
I just wanted to send out a quick reminder...MONDAY is our 9/11: NEVER FORGET event hosted by MISSION BBQ. We would be honored to have you at Our Restaurant so that Our Team can personally thank Our Heroes for the heroism that they demonstrate each day. Every First Responder, Firefighter, and Police Officer we see will be welcomed inside and will be given a Free Sandwich in appreciation for what they do. 
At noon, we will stop business to conduct a small ceremony in memory and recognition of the bravery of Our Heroes and the lives lost, 22 years ago, on September 11th, 2001. 
Join us at MISSION BBQ, Perry Hall...or the closest MISSION BBQ to you on Monday. We are excited to see each of you, bring Our Community together, and take the time to reflect on what this day means to Our Country.  
Hope to see you soon. 
Rebecca Garner
Regional Community Ambassador
4132 E. Joppa Road 
Nottingham, MD 21236