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Veteran Benefits, Financial Resources, and Discounts for Military Families

Military families have a lot to deal with - emotionally, logistically, and financially. What benefits are out there for military families to make life a bit easier for them? Where can they find discounts and deals? We've created this helpful financial guide aimed specifically to help military family members learn about the different resources, federal programs, retail discounts, and deals for dependents of U.S. soldiers.

U.S. soldier family members should be able to rely on fellow Americans to provide support and help in one way or another. In this guide we aim to help military families navigate their finances as well as get the support needed in various aspects of their busy lives.

There's one key thing to keep in mind, one thing that's hammered into our brains again and again: Everyone serves. Whether you're military personnel, retired veterans, or have family members who serve or are veterans themselves, it's important to remember there are plenty of resources and support groups available. However, beyond a simple breakdown of military family benefits, it's easy to get lost in military resources and give up on your search before finding what you really are after! Here are the main support groups that all dependents should check and use regularly:




This listing covers services available from the following:

• Stateside Legal Organization. Provides legal help for military members, veterans and their families.

• Center for Veterans Advancement. Public Counsel's Center for Veterans Advancement, a national leader
in veterans' advocacy, is driven by its core mission to uphold our nation's promise to veterans and their
families. CVA provides legal representation to veterans and their families. To contact go to for both local and national level