In 1919, The American Legion was founded on four pillars:  Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children and Youth.  Today we have approximately 2.4 million members nationwide located at various American Legion posts that support these pillars through various programs.  

Organizationally, our National Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our Department (State) Headquarters is located in Baltimore City and is supported by 6 Districts and 23 County Councils which comprise 139 posts statewide consisting of approximately 53,000 veteran wartime members in the State of Maryland.  Our Post 22 is aligned with the Northern Central District and the Baltimore County Council.  

In addition to our American Legion veterans at our Post, we also have three other separate  organizations.  

    Our Sons of the American Legion which is comprised of males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military and were eligible for American Legion membership.  

    The American Legion Auxiliary which is comprised of any female who is eligible to join The American Legion or who is the mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, great granddaughter or grandmother of members of     the American Legion, and deceased veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during war eras.  

    The American Legion Riders consist of members from any of our other three organizations.

The following lists many of our Towson Post 22 initiatives in support of our National Headquarters:  

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

- We provide assistance to veterans needing help understanding what VA benefits are available to them and in applying for these benefits.  

- Each year we hold 5 cookouts for the patients and staff at the VA Loch Raven Medical Center.    

- Each year we prepare at our post a Christmas Dinner for veterans in the area as well as those veterans at VA facilities who are able to travel to our post.

- This past year we became more involved with the Maryland Center for Veterans for Education and Training (MCVET).  We had 3 specific drives to collect professional clothing, books for their library, and towels and wash cloths.

- We keep our membership informed of employment opportunities.

- Some of the American Legion Programs we support with donations are:

  • Heroes to Hometown ($10,000)

  • Legacy Scholarship Fund ($2,000)

  • Emergency Relief Fund ($2,000)

- We give honor and respect to our Veterans every year on Veterans Day and Memorial Day with an appropriate ceremony at the Wayside Cross monument.

-  We hold several rides during the spring and summer to raise funds in support of our veterans.  The funds raised are then donated to worthy causes  such as Casey Cares and Hero Dogs.

- We provide our hall and participate in  a VA "Memorial Service" each year for veterans who have moved on to Post Everlasting.

- We support many Veteran organizations, such as the Disabled American Veterans, USO World Headquarters, and the Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery through contributions.

- We conduct memorial services for fellow legionnaires and also visit many of our members in the hospital.


National Security

- We support a strong National Defense.

- We continue to fight for a full accounting of all POWs and MIAs.

- We support the local ROTC Program in the area through use of our hall.

- We recognize our community's top 1st Responders annually.



- We support Boy Scout troops in our community.  Last year we had the runner-up Eagle Scout of the year for the entire American Legion.

- Every year we support one or more students to Boys State which allows these students to gain a clear understanding of our State government and how it works.

- Annually, we hold a flag disposal ceremony to respectfully dispose of those flags that are worn and weathered and can no longer be used.  

- Annually we visit the West Towson Elementary School to help the children learn about our state and our country's flags as well as proper flag etiquette.

- On the Saturday before Memorial Day every year we, along with scouts in thecommunity, place flags on the graves of all veterans at many of the cemeteries in the Towson area.

- We participate and we are a major contributor to the Towson 4th of July parade. After the parade we invite the community to an Open House at our post. We provide hot dogs, ice cream, and drinks to all who attend.

- We donate to many non-profit organizations that help the poor such as the Maryland Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Fuel Fund of Maryland, to name a few.

Children and Youth

- Every year we provide a nice Christmas for the less fortunate children at St. Vincent's Home for Children.  We do this by providing the Home with various toys, games, and electronics on the wish list of the children.  We also give a monetary donation of all receipts from attendees to our Christmas Dinner who pay for admission in lieu of bringing a toy.

- This past year we started back up having Christmas with Santa for our members and friends' children and grandchildren.

- We support the Special Olympics Program (Polar Bear Plunge) annually through donation.

- We provide use of our field by Rec Councils to allow the community children and Towson University students to play baseball, kickball, rugby, soccer, etc.

- Our Family Fun Day provides a lot of camaraderie between our members, and their families.  The children and grandchildren have a lot of fun with the attractions (petting zoo, pony rides, moon bounce, clown, wiffle ball).

- We hosted Girl Scouts Father/Daughter dance and also Girl Scouts "Thinking Day". We made donations in support of both events.

- We supported 4 Towsontowne Recreation baseball teams through donations.

- We donated our hall for Boy Scouts Blue & Gold Dinner, the Cub Scout Pack 1742 Pinewood Derby, and the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

- We provide donations to many worthwhile non-profits that provide for the health, education, and welfare of children.