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Important Notice for Members:
The return address for your membership dues was incorrectly printed on your dues notice. Please return all notices to

Towson Post 22, 125 York Road, Towson, MD 21212.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello Towson AL Post 22:

I am writing to you on behalf of Wreaths across America, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that placed wreaths at over 4,000 cemeteries across America on “National Wreaths across America Day” this past December. We were able to accomplish our initiative to honor nearly 4000 veterans buried at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

This year the wreath laying ceremony will occur on Saturday, December 16th @ Noon. This will be our seventh year for the ceremony at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens and our goal is to once again, place a wreath at the final resting place of each veteran.

We hope you will consider supporting our mission to honor our veterans who paid the ultimate price for our freedom as well as those who served or are currently serving. Any donation should be made payable to Wreaths across America and forwarded to my attention at the address below. I have attached our flyer. If you prefer to donate on line, please go to and follow the prompts. Should you have any questions, I’m available to assist you by phone or email.

We continue to need volunteers to help place the wreaths at each grave site while remembering the veteran by name, saluting and thanking that veteran for their service to our country. Please join us at our seventh annual wreath-laying on December 16th at Noon at the Circle of the Immortals at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

You can also follow us at or on Facebook, Wreaths across America – Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens. 

Thank you,

Steve Wheeler

Location Coordinator

3744 Dance Mill Rd.

Phoenix, MD 21131

410 456 5536




ATTENTION AL Post 22 Members:

There are some very important UMMS updates under the Community Service Officers tab


Some very important veteran benefit information also under the Community Service Officers tab.


We have exciting news for our veterans. Now there is a website that can help our veterans find the best military friendly higher education instutions.

A college degree helps active military members and veterans prepare for and transition to civilian life. It’s vital that active-duty military members and veterans are able to find a school that can accommodate their needs and is compatible with their long-term career goals.
In an effort to support military members in their pursuit of quality college education, we created a guide to the best military-friendly colleges.
You can view our 2023 guide here:


Attention all Post 22 Member's and Guests. Standing Lounge Rules have been publish for your safety and convenience. Please read them under the 'Lounge - Standing Rules' tabs. 


Saturday - 3pm till 11pm

Sunday - 1pm till 11pm

Monday & Tuesday - 6pm till 11pm

Wednesday thru Friday - 4:30 till 11pm


All Closing times are patron dependent!


Towson AL Post 22 now sells

Maryland Lottery Scratch-Offs



Attention all veterans in this confusing time with Medicare the below resourse is very valuable. For further info please go to our "Medical Awareness" tab under "Community Service Officer".

Medicare Plans Resourse for Veterans:


Attention all veterans there is important news as to vision care for all vets. Please review this information under "Community Service Officer" "Medical Awareness" and look for the NVISION and MyVision website links.


Event Rental Attendant positions are available

please see job announcement under "Open Positions Available" tab.           



Open House Showcases are open for contracts and hall showings from 5:00pm to 8:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. All contracts MUST be done in person. All events will be @ 100% capacity. Please note updated Hall Rental Prices and Rental_Date_Availability_Sheet. See the "Hall Rental" tab. Please call Anita Riley, Rental Manager @


Please do not call the lounge for rental information.


Please continue to check this website and our Facebook and Instagram pages for all updates.


Attention Towson Post 22 Legionnaires:


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