Veterans' Discounts
Use the link below to access all current discounts to veterans', active, reserve, and retired members of the US Military and their immediate family members. Two important pieces of information for this list. First, some stores offer discounts only at the owner’s discretion and other discounts vary by state. Second, many stores that give a military discount don’t advertise it. It is always worth asking a store whether they have one or not and to have your military ID on you.


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Pro Bono Legal Assistance ....................................................................................................


The National listing of Pro Bono Resources for Veterans is a legal directory of offices that will advise and assist
veterans and their dependents in legal matters. The directory can be accessed at
veteransdirectory.authcheckdam.pdf. This listing covers services available from the following:

• Stateside Legal Organization. Provides legal help for military members, veterans and their families.
• ABA Law Student Division National Veterans Initiative. Duty Bound is a National Veterans Service
Initiative of the ABA Law Student Division. Duty Bound connects law students with attorneys who provide
free legal assistance on behalf of veterans and their qualifying family members who have an appeal pending
at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. This web portal has been created to allow case-handling
pro-bono attorneys to select available law students to assist with client interviewing, case management,
research and writing, and advocacy tasks. Duty Bound will also enable law students and pro bono attorneys
to find resources supporting their work, and connect with other pro bono attorneys representing military
personnel. Pro bono attorneys and law students can connect to the web portal at
• Center for Veterans Advancement. Public Counsel's Center for Veterans Advancement, a national leader
in veterans' advocacy, is driven by its core mission to uphold our nation's promise to veterans and their
families. CVA provides legal representation to veterans and their families. To contact go to for both local and national level
• The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program. Provides pro bono attorneys to financially qualified
veterans with meritorious claims when their benefits appeals reach the US Court of Appeals for Veterans
Claims. In addition, we provide training for the volunteer attorneys as well as support them with mentors and
materials once they accept a case. Refer to
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