Official League Rules

  1. All players shall shake hands before and after each match.
  2. All games are 25 points unless specified otherwise.
  3. Flip for choice of hammer or side prior to the beginning of the match (two out of three games), the loser of the flip has choice in the second game, flip again in game three, if needed. Note: If the team that has the hammer shoots first, they lose that privilege and must complete the frame in the same rotation. After each game teams switch sides.
  4. Each player shall have four practice weights from each end. The team with the hammer practices first. Players shall not be allowed to use their own weights.
  5. No drinks or other objects in hands or mouth while shooting.
  6. Players may walk to the opposite end of the board to examine the position of the weights.
  7. No coaching of a player by anyone other than the person's partner. One warning -- one point penalty per infraction thereafter.
  8. The following criteria must be met for a shot to be a legal delivery: One foot must be on the ground and both feet must be behind the deuce line when the shot is delivered. Penalty for a violation shall be the loss of the shot. Any weights that were knocked off or moved shall be replaced.
  9. No blasting on a clear board -- NO WARNING -- one point penalty.
  10. Players shall be well off to the side while the opponent is shooting. Please be conscious of your presence with all team play.
  11. No physical or verbal harassment -- NO WARNING -- 2 point penalty.
  12. All match events will have pre-designated boards and start times. Any player not present when they are scheduled to play, there will be a 15 minute grace period. If the player has not communicated his/her tardiness, a forfeit for that team may be given. However, if one team member is present, he/she may elect to play the match with 6 weights.
  13. If a team cannot be present for their match, they are responsible for contacting the other team members and try to reschedule a new date and time before the next regularly scheduled night. If an agreeable time and date cannot be agreed upon, the team that cannot be present for the regularly scheduled match forfeits.
  14. At the end of a match each team is responsible for providing the scores to the league commissioner. This includes identifying if anyone scored a hanger during the match.
  15. All generally accepted rules of good sportsmanship shall apply. This is intended to be a fun league. Every player should consider it his/her responsibility to report any violation of these rules to the league commissioner.


Team Play Shuffleboard Rules

Method of Play

Having decided by toss of a coin which team shoots first, each team will play from a separate end of the board.  The object of the game is to be the first team to score 25 points.  However, the team with the hammer will always be given the last opportunity to win the game.  In the event of a tie, each team will shoot an additional round until one team scores more than the other on their play.


On every American Shuffleboard there are three horizontal lines at each end of the playing field. 

            - The lines on each end toward the center of the board are known as foul lines. 

            - The next line moving toward the end of the table is the "deuce" line.      

            - The line nearest the end of the board is known as the "trey" line.

Each of these lines are critical in the scoring of points.

Method of Scoring

In order for a shot to be legal the shot must pass the foul line at the opposite end and stay on the board.   For all legal shots remaining on the board after a team has used all of its weights will be scored as follows

            - Weights touching or in front of the deuce line score 1 point.

            - Weights between the deuce and trey line score 2 points.

            - Weights between the trey line and the end of the playing field score 3 points.

            - Weights hanging over the far edge of the playing field are called "hangers" and score 4 points.